Cottonwood Lessons & Clinics

Welcome to Cottonwood Golf Club. We offer a full program of instruction for all levels of ability and ages. We have youth programs and adult programs, from beginner to advanced. For more information, please visit the golf shop.

Let’s improve your swing, lower your score, and find new golfing partners together!

No golf equipment? Ask John for help…no charge!
Corporate Packages & Special Event Packages Available

Private Instruction

Private Adult – Individual

1 Hour                       $75.00

3 one hour               $210.00

6 one hour               $420.00

Youth Instruction

Youth Instruction – Individual

1 Hour                        $45.00

3 One hour               $125.00

6 One Hour               $250.00

Group Instruction

Junior Group

2 junior players            $80.00                 $40.00 each lesson

3 junior players          $105.00                 $35.00 each lesson

4 or more players       $120.00                 $30.00 each lesson

Adult Group – 1.5 Hours

2 players                  $65.00 each

3 players                  $55.00 each

4 or more                 $45.00 each (2 hours)

College Prep

College Prep – For Those Who Want to Play in College

$150.00 per lesson – 1.5 hours to 2 hours on the course


From the Putter to the Driver and Beyond

Meet John Klein

John has been with the PGA since 1977, serving on local and national teaching committees promoting the game of golf. As an educator and coach, he understands the need for quality instruction to help grow the game.

Beginners Learn: Putting, Chipping, Short Pendulum Swing, Big Swing, and More

Advanced Players Learn: Course Management, Swing Fundamentals Refresher, and More

John’s lessons include on-the-course guidance and analysis of both weaknesses and strengths. He believes students should learn by the feel of the swing and to not be dependent on technology


Along with John’s responsibility as a Teaching Professional at Cottonwood, he is the Men’s and Women’s Golf Coach at Cuyamaca College.

He was voted by his coaching peers “Coach of the Year” in 2016 and 2017, taking his women’s team to the State Championship (equal to the NCAA Championship) in each of these years. The teams finished 3rd and 5th, respectively.

John is also the recipient of the 2021 Heritage Award, a life time achievement award for his contributions to the growth of the game over a long period of time, presented by the Southern California Section of the PGA of America.

John also has programs with several rehab centers in San Diego. He uses golf as a form of therapy, working with physical therapists, recreational therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists to enhance the lives of discharged patients after their stay in hospitals.

During 2023, John will be celebrating 46 years of teaching individuals with disabilities to play golf.

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